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Tour to Kutna Hora and Bone Church

Discover all the Highlights of Kutna hora, now a UNESCO-listed protected town, with a private guide in a very personal atmosphere.

This royal medieval mining town was called the jewel and treasury of the country, town whose wealth elevated the Czech kingdom on the piedestal of fame and power. Today, the original atmosphere breaths from every single street and house.

The silver ore deposits were so vast that it enabled the Czech king to become the richest man in central Europe. It attracted new settlers who brought along advenced manufacturing technology. The atmosphere of Kutna hora at that time may have resembled the atmosphere of American gold-miner´s settlements.

On this half-day tour you will have a chance to stroll around the fascinating medieval city, get aquainted with the St. Barbara´s Cathedral, the most important sacred structure in the Czech Republic, possibly see an old medieval mine or former mint and learn why the orgin of the US dollar is deeply connected with this historical town.

You will be astonished by the visit of the famous cemetery chapel with the Bone Church (Ossuary), now in a suburb of Kutna hora. It is a highlight experience amazed by all. A vast number of human bones and skulls were used to create a works of art: Human bone-filled walls, vaults with skulls with crossbones hanging on display, bony chandelier, vases or monstrances.


St. Barbara´s Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Old Town with cobbled narrow streets and medieval houses, town fortifications, Royal Mint, Stone fountain, All Saints Church with cemetery and the Ossuary

Duration: 6-7 hours (1-1,5 hour from Prague)

Means of transport: a rented car/bus and walking

Meeting place: hotel lobby (unless you wish some other place)

Prices and special offers:

  • Very reasonable prices
  • Children under 15 years free of charge
  • No booking or cancelation fees

You pay at the end of the guided tour in CZK/EUR


The cost of the rented Car/bus depends on the number of people in the group.

For more information, please feel free to contact me: and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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